April 9th, 2016


4th Annual Leavenworth Film Festival

6:00pm - Leavenworth Festhalle

Showcasing the best recent short films with a focus on outdoor pursuits and the natural world. This year’s festival features top films in each category and is followed by an awards ceremony. Come see these great films and intermission performances while enjoying your beverage of choice. Also, dress to the nines and swagger with grace down the red carpet after hitching a free ride in our own LFF limousine!

2015 Winning Films

Leavenworth Film Festival Winners

Best in Show Award: 500 Miles to Nowhere  by Cloudbase Collective

Best Documentary/Narrative Film: Dorais  by Duct Tape Then Beer

Best Pacific Northwest Film: Tumwater Daydream  by Patrick Hennessey

Best Outdoors Sports & Adventure Film: Important Places  by Gnarly Bay Productions

Best Point-of-View: CP & the PCT  by Wesley Trimble

Creative Excellence: Ocean Gravity  by Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier



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