LMFF 2017

Popsicle Ridge 

A first descent in our backyard by: Ben Verde


Make it, shape it, paint it and ride it for the ultimate unbound experience. by: Kurt Jenson

A Pilgrimage In Search of Ja-Pow

A journey to Japan in the search for Ja-Pow.  by: Will Demarest

Artic Unicorns

A hunt for the most colored up, circus clown salmonids EVER… by: Cortney Boice


Speed down the hill from a birds eye perspective  by: Patrick Hennessey

Lifted Excerpt: Zoey

It doesn’t take a big body to have a big heart for the mountain.  by: Oly Mingo

Sent from My iPhone

A message sent from the coldest winter season in a generation  by: Rex Flake

Methow Headwaters

A place too special for industrial-scale mining.  by: Benjamin Drummond & Sara Joy Steele


Establish a route to the Stuart Range… In the air.  by: Shane Wilder

Year of the “O”

This is a year to pursue your desires.  by: Aaron Napoleon


Who said Sasquatch has to be lonely?  by: Dawson Taylor

In Between Matters

The space unseen where the connection really happens. by: Steven Blatter

 Deep Island

Surfing a fragile coral paradise.  by: Luca Merli

Across the Sky    

Rig a line and walk it –a feat of engineering and balance.  by: Tim Kemple


It is not to risk life. It is to fully live it.  by: Philippe Woodtli

The Perfect Flight

To fly with sight by developing a relationship with the masters of the air.  by: Josh Izenberg

Breaking Burma

Never let go. Even when equipment fails, perservere to capture the image you know is inside. by: Renan Ozturk

Burton Eubank

Just another reason to have faith in humanity.  by: Ben Galland


Enter a dream where the trails never end and the promise of freedom exist around each bend…  by: Mike Hopkins

Ice Call

True style through a frozen land never explored.  by: Antoine Frioux

In Current

Getting a PhD is easier than earning a rowing seat on “this” wooden boat.  by: Ryan Heffernan & Grayson Schaffer


Be excited to wake up each morning; it means there’s one more day to skate.  by: Katie Stjernholm & Jonathan Hiller

Our Theory of Human Motivation

Waking up to close the gaps between the supposed to do’s and the want to do’s.  by: Fitz Cahall & Isaiah Branch-Boyle

Giant Ascent

Return to your climbing roots up the most unforeseen pitch.  by: Kieth Ladzinski


A rain soaked tower, mud, dark and a goat head –not your typical climbing adventure.  by: Keith Ladzinski & Andy Mann

Above All Else

Overcome a life alterting accident, set goals, and focus to achieve your passion.  by: Yali Sharon

Lifted Excerpt: Racing

There’s no wrong way to love the mountain.  by: Oly Mingo


Every wave is double overhead when you’re only 3ft tall.  by: Sean Slobodan

What if You Fly?

“There is freedom waiting for you, and you ask “What if I fall?” Oh… but What if you fly?”  by: Renan Ozturk