Sponsorship Benefits

Many sponsorship opportunities exist for Leavenworth-area individuals and businesses to show their support. We believe the Leavenworth Film Festival will provide the community with a family-friendly event to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, with the potential of becoming a successful annual event in Leavenworth. The Leavenworth Film Festival exists to discover and showcase the best recent independent short films. Our goal is to promote the majestic state of Washington, with a focus around the Leavenworth area, as a travel destination for those who enjoy outdoor recreation. We aim to showcase the area’s most innovative, engaging, and new works from underexposed filmmakers who appreciate and highlight our natural surroundings. We offer sponsorship at many different levels:

Funding for the event covers venue fees, food and beverage costs, marketing development and distribution as well as prize money for the top filmmakers. All members of the LFF Board are volunteers, with no paid staff. Your donations are what makes this event possible. Thank you!

Intermission Sponsor: $1000

● All Gold Sponsor benfits (listed below) plus:
● 4 additional free tickets to the festival-VIP seating section
● Festival program front-page promotion
● Special anouncement prior to festival start and intermission

Gold/Category Sponsor: $500

● 4 free VIP tickets to the film festival
● Booth and banner at festival (provided by sponsor)
● Premium Facebook and social media marketing
● Logo on the event poster
● Logo and link on the event website

Buy a commercial to play during festival – 8 available: $500
● Maximum 30 seconds in length
● Must be at least a Slilver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor: $300
● 2 free tickets to the film festival
● Banner at the event (to be provided by sponsor)
● Facebook and social media marketing
● Name and link on website

Bronze Sponsor: $200
● 2 free tickets to the film festival
● Name and link on the event website
● Facebook and social media marketing

Friend of the Festival: $25-$100 (cash or inkind)
● Name and link listed on event website

InKind Donations
If you can provide a good or service that helps to promote, or advertise the event, provide product to offset food or beverage service costs, or other things that can help us to make this festival a success we are interested!

InKind donations should be valued at the cost of the service or good to you, and must be approved by LFF before sponsorship can be finalized. Donation can not exceed 50% of Cash Value of sponsorship.

Payment Details
Mark your Calendar for April 7 & 8th, 2017!
Please be sure to make checks payable to the Leavenworth Ski Hill Heritage Foundation (LSHHF)
Mail all payments to: Leavenworth Film Festival P.O. box 508 Leavenworth, WA 98826

InKind Donations are due to the Leavenworth Film Festival seven (7) days prior to the event. Office hours are variable so please contact us at Info@leavenworthfilmfestival.org to arrange delivery. If you need assistance please let us know and we can surely come pick items up.
If you need a receipt for tax records please let us know.