Friday Night

Cycles of Light by: Andy Jaynes

Changing spectacles of light across the Wenatchee Valley. Jaynes is a coproducer of Leavenworth’s own Icicle TV Productions and simply enjoys sharing the beauty of the area through his photography and video projects.

Fun/Suffer Divide by: Chris Shalbot

Riding the continental divide. Through pain comes good times. Riding between Montana and Idaho three bikers hope to inspire others to explore this vastly untapped area. Seattle-born, Cascade-raised, and former downhill bike racer, Shalbot ditched the competitive ranks in favor of exploring what’s around the next bend.

Lineage by: Hennie VJ

Dealing with a rancid smelling van packed with ski gear, baby and dog. A ski trip to ride the best lift access lines across North America with Ingrid Backstrom and Jim Delzer family.

Chains by: Tobin Walker

Mountainbiking passion of a Leavenworth young lady. Walker directed this film along with ShutterBros, a collaborative project during the ICCA young filmmakers camp in Summer 2017.

The Way Home by: the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board

Replenishing all that surrounds. Salmon returning to the spawning grounds of their youth. The film captures the essence of the heroic 500-mile journey that salmon make against incredible odds to come home to the Upper Columbia Region in Washington State. Since 1999, the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board has been the forum for local collaboration to understand and address the complexities that our communities face in preserving spring Chinook salmon, steelhead and bull trout.

Mountain Being by: Rex Flake

Being here and there; a peak of future speed and valley of past passion. A tangible collapsing duality. A philosophy of reflective action that denies conventional thought that to ponder the moment is to destroy it. Flake has spent his life devoted to the perfect turn, air and line. The aesthetics of motion in tune with the physical universe and the internal retrospect of the actor is the only thing that matters. No external observer required.

Think Like a Scientist by: Jessica Plumb

Restoring ancestral watersheds and preserving cultural heritage with the tools of modern society. Featuring an emerging young scientist from the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, Renewal is a heart-warming story of transformation and restoration on Washington’s Elwha River. Plumb is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. Her articles have been published in the Boston Sunday Globe, Christian Science Monitor and elsewhere. Before making a home on the Olympic Peninsula in 2000, she worked in Boston and Beijing, and served as interim editor of the Yale China Review.

We are Outdoorsmen by: Richy Harrod

Being an outdoorsman is not something you become, it is a reunion. These landscapes, these animals, these connections are part of our DNA. Dr. Harrod is an experienced outdoorsman, ecologist, and television producer. He has worked in public land management for 27 years, has over 50 scientific publications, and has produced over 40 hunting and fishing television shows

Saturday Night

The Space Within by: Ben Sturgulewski

Fitting unbound motion within this space we’re given. Ben’s integral work with companies like Sweetgrass Productions, Matchstick Productions, and DPS Cinematic has created many acclaimed films that have appeared in festivals from Banff to Leavenworth.

Paradigm Lost by: Cody Carter

Breaking patterns to harness the ocean’s power in unique ways. Filmed over three years, in six countries, capturing the highest level of water sports action in beautiful 4K. It all began with one super 8 camera, a guillotine and some tape. Utilizing each and every pixel to their respective potential, Poor Boyz Co. transformed into a turnkey digital production company.

Waking Dream by: Sam Favret

Allowing thoughts to grow, inspiration to spread and be free. Are we really here? Where are we going? Climb with two alpine Frenchman up steep couloirs only to ride right back down. Favret has extensive experience in ski film production including work with DPS Cinematic, Rip Curl and Rosignal.

Mothered by Mountains by: Renan Ozurk

Climbing pure punk rock. A mother and mountain guide showing true girl power. Nepal’s leading female mountain guide has been on top of the tallest peaks on Earth. Here she attempts a first ascent with a local punk-rock icon. In this effort, they find the path to the greatest summit lies within.

Ama by: Julie Gautier

Dancing weightless with grace and beauty. A story everyone can interpret in their own way, based on their own experience. There is no imposition, only suggestions. Gautier is a passionate dancer, a freediving champion, and self-taught filmmaker. She uses these skills to create images to share her captivating dreamlike world.

Adventure Not War by: Max Lowe

Stepping into a “Slim-Jim!” three soldiers return to the battlefield with new purpose. This film follows three US Military Captains as they revisit Iraq, a country that has threatened their sanity since their time of service. A mission to heal wounds and experience this country and culture without the shadow of war. Lowe comes from a long lineage of explorers and is known for his work with National Geographic and many award winning adventure films

Endurance Test by: David Leon

Breaking religious and social stereotypes of society. Muay Thai fighter Ruqsana Begum is the only female British Muslim world champion in her sport. In any sport. Leon is an English actor, director, writer and producer. In 2015 he completed his first feature-length film, Orthodox.

Pedal by: Scott Hardesty

Biking across continents -sometimes it breaks you, but mostly it makes you who you are. Forty-three countries down, Hera Van Willick rides her bicycle across continents, fully self-supported. This is her journey and what she has learned along the way. With a background in narrative cinema and commercial production, Hardesty has a passion for exploring wild places with inspiring humans.

Johanna by: Ian Derry

Diving under the ice there is no place for fear or mistakes. Johanna Nordblad found freediving after nearly losing her leg to a downhill biking accident. She currently holds the world record for a 50-meter dive under ice. Derry is a highly sought after portrait and lifestyle photographer who has photographed some of the world’s biggest stars including Brad Pitt, Usain Bolt and Rod Stewart.

Leah’s Cabin Jams by: Jamie Tanner

Composing organic lines of music while riding lines in the snow. With no script, eight friends set out to interpret the landscape and write and record songs that become the audio for the film. For years Jamie worked as a videographer for Atlantic records in NYC; he recently started backcountry ski filming.

Mt. McKinley Adventure by: Fred Beckey

Ascending a first. Lost archives found in the closet of a Pacific Northwest icon. Led by Fred Beckey, this team of mountaineers attempts a first ascent of Mt. McKinley’s northface. Footage that has been stored in Fred’s closet for the past 64 years!