Film Host Graham Tracey

Originally from New York City, Graham spent over a decade in Manhattan working as a singer, narrator, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Now a writer and narrator living in British Columbia, he has lent his voice to The North Face, Discovery Channel, the film Life Cycles, and the upcoming television series Where the Trail Ends. His writing has appeared in Eat Vancouver, Powder Magazine, Beer West, and Kootenay Mountain Culture.

Wenatchee Valley Scenic Drama  by: Charley Voorhis

All shot in the Wenatchee Valley, this nature film illustrates the unfolding drama between forest life and the dangers of increased wildfires throughout the region.

Quik by: Colin Kennedy

Filmed entirely from a moving vehicle on the sidewalks and streets of East LA, this film captures residential life from the perspective of a street skater. A life long skateboarder, Colin has been a filmmaker in professional skateboarding for 15 years. He has created feature length skateboard films for DVS Shoe Company, television episodes for Fuel TV, commercials for Red Bull and Matix Clothing and short films for Gatorade and Quiksilver.

35  by: Nasa Coski, Austin Siadak, Matt Van Biene

35 routes on his 35th birthday. A story of one man’s passion for life and the outdoors. Nasa is a climber, techie, fitness freak, music lover, and SAR junkie also known to dabble in filmmaking. Austin is a cinematographer and editor for Duct Tape Then Beer who quit his job after graduating from college, moved into a van, and drove around the west climbing, hiking, and loving life. Matt, is a photographer and filmmaker based out of Leavenworth, WA, who also focuses on remaining mobile, loving what he does and where it takes him.

GoPro Orchestra  by: Jeff Sheets

An amalgamation of music, a gorgeous location and an action sports camera provides the lens for this experience in music. A unique perspective of music. Jeff is an advertising professor, new media innovator and dedicated family man from Provo, UT.

Toy Boats  by: Nathan Kaso

A new perspective to the urban environment, showcasing the renowned locations of Sydney Harbor and its surrounds as tiny scale models. An amateur photographer and filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia, Nathan left video for to focus on photography. The amazing quality and versatility of his new Canon 5D Mark II camera allowed him to return to the field of video and enter the world of time-lapse.

Winter Bliss  by: Ken Trimpe

Follow the laughter and lighthearted fun of living a Leavenworth lifestyle. Having worked at large ad agencies in Chicago and Seattle, then starting an advertising & design company, Ken is a creative director by trade, He’s also an avid photographer, shooting primarily nature subjects, but also doing stock and commissioned commercial as well.

Stevens Pass Powder Dreams  by: Matt Wainhouse

Stevens Pass snowboarders in their element. No set up time, no stress, just riding the best cascade powder. Matt is a Stevens Pass snowboarder with a camera in his pocket. He enjoys to film with friends while riding the area they all love.

Holmward Bound  by: E.A. Weymuller

A small business owner struggles with his own self-image; is he only what is seen by the public or is there something else there? A native of Seattle who has lived in the Methow Valley for the past decade, still photographer E.A. Weymuller shoots what he sees. Holmward Bound is his first effort at directing, producing, shooting and editing a short film.

North by: Temujin Doran

The story behind an Arctic island and how it became increasingly linked to developments in climate science. Temujin is an illustrator and filmmaker based in London. His drawing work is stylistically detailed, often displaying a penchant for historical subjects and nonsense, whilst his film work is pretty varied. He also works as a 35mm projectionist in an old single-screen cinema

The Golden Sea  by: Chas Mackinnon

Relaxing beach lifestyle as captured in one week under a thatched roof. Chas is a Melbourne, Australia based cinematographer who specializes in travel and adventure sport films.

Full Moon Silhouettes  by: Mark Gee

The moonrise revealing viewer silhouettes in real-time results in an undirected natural performance played out between man and nature. Mark Gee is a freelance photographer, filmmaker & digital visual effects artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has worked on many high profile & Oscar award-winning feature films. His love of the ocean and nature in general, play a major role in the inspiration for his films and photography.

Zombie Roof  by: David Pearson

A history behind Peter Croft’s first ascent of the Zombie Roof [5.12d] in Squamish, B.C. and the process behind completing the first free-solo of the route. David lives in Squamish B.C where he works as a videographer to support his climbing habit. If you see him around you should buy him a beer because he probably can’t afford one himself.

Palm Spray Traverse by: Danny-Z

Local legend Dan Zimmerman completes the first descent of the Palm Tree Couloir. Just one line of many that our friend experienced while exploring his passion in our Icicle Canyon backyard.

Airborne by: Armond DuBuque

A bird’s eye view of the Cascade Peaks surrounding Leavenworth and the daring high- speed flights of a local flyer. Armond is an adventure loving local Leavenworth pilot. He captures many of his amazing flights with multiple GoPros and angles for additional points of view.

New Weekend by: Jake Martinez

Filmed all in one weekend, this video captures some local Leavenworth kids as they execute the Kendama. Jake is a student at Cascade High who enjoys skiing, biking and filming his activities along the way.

Saddle Rock  by: North 40 Productions

For hundreds of years, Saddle Rock has been watching the Wenatchee Valley grow into a vibrant community. This is his story… North 40 is a team of five guys who are all relentlessly busy and inspired to constantly improve their craft and foster an atmosphere of constructive growth.

Joy of Air  by: Bryan Smith

The exhilaration of perfecting movement through air while reaching the apex of new heights. Bryan is an award winning filmmaker from Squamish, BC. His films have been shown at the Banff and Telluride Mountain Film Festivals and include work for National Geographic, Discovery, Disney, Red Bull, Patagonia, New Belgium Brewing, Arcteryx and more.

Helvetia’s Dream  by: Alessandro Della Bella

A nighttime journey presents us with the stunning beauty and magic of the spectacular nighttime sky. Alessandro grew up in Arosa, a small paradise high in the mountains of eastern Switzerland. Inspired by such great scenery, photography became a passion early in life.

FLOW: The Elements of Freeride  by: Oly Mingo

A synthesis of rider and mountain, forest and air. Pure style of expression across a living landscape. Flow: to absorb the rhythm of nature. Oly is a local Wenatchee Valley filmmaker. He contributed greatly to the creations of Pedal-Driven and the viral Woody Goomsba campaign and is currently the Creative Director at North 40 Productions.

The Equation  by: Jeremy Collins

An epic journey in following passion to personal discovery. As a climber and artist, Jeremy sees adventure through a uniquely artistic lens. His dreamlike illustrations have graced the pages of Alpinist and other outdoor publications, and his films, like the award- winning The Wolf and the Medallion, use climbing narratives to discover bigger lessons.