2014 Winners
Best of Festival: Rolihlahla – Sasha DiGiulian

3 Strings Productions

Creative Excellence: Love Your Journey

By: WallopFilm

Best of Pacific North West:
Washington State Redemption

By Michael ( Bird ) Shaffer & Amelia Yokel

Best Documentary/Narrative Film:
Between The Eyes:

Jordan Manley’s #dailywalk

By: Seb Kemp / 2FLAT

Best Sports & Outdoors Film: Algorithm

By: 3 Strings

Best Point of View: Fisheye

By: Russell Houghten

Graham Tracey Film Host
Originally from New York City, Graham spent over a decade in Manhattan working as a singer, narrator, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Now a writer and narrator living in Nelson, British Columbia, he has lent his voice to The North Face, Discovery Channel Toyota, the film Life Cycles, and the television series Where the Trail Ends. His writing has appeared in Eat Vancouver, Powder Magazine, Beer West, and Kootenay Mountain Culture.

Pearson Style by: Chris Morgan
A Summer and winter speed flying adventure in Europe. Chris is a freelance videographer and editor.

Algorithm by: Andy Mann
Follow as renowned climber Johnathan Siegrist creates the line Algorithm –a first ascent graded 5.14d (9a) in the Idaho Mountains. Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann reside in Boulder, CO and have both been capturing anything and everything all around the world for over a decade. The two work together to create and mold beautiful stories.

Chasing Trail by: North 40 Productions
An exciting weekend of riding the smooth rolling trails of the Wenatchee Foothills with Eric Porter and Jon Kennedy. North 40 is a creative media company based in and inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

Through My Eyes by: Adil Schindler
There are still places in the world where life celebrates itself like it has always done – this is one of them… As a divemaster in Spain, Adil discovered his passion for underwater imaging. He went on to create his own style of capturing the beauty of the underwater realm as a freelance videographer in Egypt, Spain, Sweden, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico.

Snail Family by: Pascal Lemoine
Just a small, soft, slimy snail family… Pascal is driven by authenticity, sincerity, and simple moments of life. He attaches great importance to the fact that music and sound design are as important as images.

Portrait of a Sound Design Artist by: Josh Bennett

A look into the world of an eccentric sound design artist: Ali Lacey. From an early age, Josh Bennett has been making films that reflect his passion for music and sound.

Learning the Way by: Jake and Zakk Marx

Grow to accept the changing role from learning to teaching as son becomes father –a bond that carries us on forever. Brothers Jake and Zakk have loved film since they were kids. They’ve recently started making short films under the production name JZM.

Washington State Redemption by: Michael Bird Shaffer

The challenges a skier faces in learning to live and love throughout a winter season when there is no snow. Michael “Bird” Shaffer is a pro skier, flyer, visual creator and clothing manufacturer whose philosophy is to follow your heart, live to the fullest and love as much as possible.

A Life Well Lived by: Eric Becker

Fifty years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mt. Everest. His is a life well lived. Eric is an Emmy Award winning Seattle-based director with a focus on short documentary film. His work seeks to create an emotional connection between the viewer and subject through intimate, authentic portraiture and storytelling.

Caring For Giants by: Leah Brown Swan

A profile documenting the passionate arborist, Jim Meyers. Portland Oregon native, Leah, has an affinity for creating beautiful images in various elements through the camera lens.

Pass the Ball by: Dan Covert and Andre Andreev

14-yr old Ethan King and professional soccer player Neven Subotić not only donate new soccer balls to Mozambique children in need, but also share how soccer can help cross borders and foster community. The directing duo, Andre and Dan were originally trained as graphic designers and so bring a designers sensibility to their animation and film projects.

How Many? by: Sim Warren
A reoccurring dream that brings rollerblader Leon Humphries and other skaters together: how many separate expressions share a similar dream? Award winning film producer, Sim Warren is inspired by Egyptian archaeology, action sports, travel and adventure.

Fisheye by: Russell Houghten
Shot entirely with a GoPro Hero 3 camera, this film lends a unique perspective of the fisheye lens. Russell has shot and edited over 30 commercial projects for leading brands in the action sports industry. He is also an avid builder, welder, traveler and outdoorsman.

Rolihlahla by: Andy Mann and Keith Ladzinski

Follow Sasha Digiulian to Watervol Boven, South Africa where she grabs the first ascent of a line she names: Rolihlaha – 5.14b. Based out of Boulder, CO Keith and Andy are always making leaps and bounds around the world doing anything they can to create and build a beautiful story.

The Road From Karakol by: Fitz Cahall

Spend two months pedaling and pushing a bike more than 1200 km on roads of variable states of neglect, wading through wild rivers, dealing with corrupt military checkpoint staff, and soloing a handful of unclimbed alpine rock and mixed routes with Kyle Dempster. Fitz is a Seattle based filmmaker and writer whose passion for climbing, skiing and being outside is fundamental to his creative endeavors. His work has been honored by the Banff Mountain Film Festival and enjoyed by millions around the world. Fitz is the founder of the internationally popular podcast series The Dirtbag Diaries and is creative director of the production company Duct Tape Then Beer.

Love Your Journey by: Martin Glegg

Enjoy a commute through the streets of London. It is the journey, not the destination that matters. Scottish filmmaker Martin Glegg is currently a video journalist for Monocle Magazine in London, England and Director of Film in Wallop, CA.

Primordial by: Charley Voorhis

A lullaby for an ancient world that illuminates the earliest stages of our evolving earth and prehistoric nature. Charley studied film at Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura California and currently runs Voortex Productions in Wenatchee, WA.

Between The Eyes by: Seb Kemp

Join Jordan Manley on his daily walk through a foreign and daunting world of symptoms caused by a life altering brain injury. Seb doesn’t consider himself a filmmaker. He’s just curious about the world and just likes stories.

William Trubridge by: Kitty Bolhoeher and Fridolin Schoepper

Hold your breath on “just” a routine decent into the ocean, riding only on a single breathe some nearly 400 feet down… Kitty is a journalist who works in online publishing. She developed The Avant/Garde Diaries initiated by Mercedes-Benz. Fridolin Schoepper is a DOP and photographer working for international clients and magazines

Mainsail by: Max Hasson

Climb a new line in the beautiful Icicle Canyon outside of Leavenworth, WA with Jens Holsten. Climbing directed Max’s life for over ten years. Eventually he picked up a camera and realized the potential for documenting these adventures.

Colors by: Jack Anderson

Watch the many shades of style as Lucas and Patrick fly down the mountain. At 17 years of age, Jack is an up-and-coming videographer and filmmaker.

What is Skiing? by: North 40 Productions

A celebration of the love we have for skiing and a hometown mountain. North 40 is a creative media company based in and inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

Colchuck Peak NE Couloir by: Aaron Scott

Ride the steeps with locals Aaron and Tom on Leavenworth’s own Colchuck Peak northeast Couloir. Aaron is a local Leavenworth ripper and genuinely awesome guy.

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