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Friday Night

Where the Wild Things Play by: Krystle Wright

Raise a glass to the rowdy female athletes in today’s world of outdoor adventures. While the men grovel at the bar, the ladies are crushing it. Krystle is known for pushing herself to extremes to get that elusive shot. It’s about capturing a fleeting moment to share a treasured insight.

Frendo by: Michael Bird Shaffer

Traverse an icefall of mortal consequence to ski a line that ends in flight. The Chamonix Frendo Spur cascades into a 700ft serac; an awesome ski and even better flight. Bird is the word for this Methow Valley native. A poetic colorful character who skis and flies Chamonix to the Cascades.

Build/Ride by: Jake Martinez & Tim Wesley

Surfing powder is its own animal. Leavenworth’s Jake Martinez received the Youth Filmmakers Award at the 1st Annual Leavenworth Mountain Film Festival and has been making film ever since. Tim, Shark designer/builder/rider, is tall.

The Stranger by: Cody Carter

Rip a local trail with a native rider. Throw in some music and pin it down some classic single track with Wenatchee native Coby Trudell. Peshastin local, Cody Carter is a seasoned filmmaker who produces everything from commercials to full-length features.

10 Years of Bent Chetler by: Cody Carter

Progress through 10 years of art, shape and style with a ski legend. Chris Bentchetler is one of the most prolific skiers of our time. Here he revisits 10 promodel skis that he’s had first hand in designing.

GLAMP by: Tobin Walker

Follow two Leavenworth tourists on a camping adventure gone horribly wrong… It can actually be difficult to find repose camping in our own backyard. | Leavenworth youth filmmaker, Tobin Walker, filmed and edited this piece in a single day.

Shaped by Landscapes by: Richy Harrod

Appreciate our landscapes; these are the places that shape us. Braving the harsh elements of our mountains, plateaus, canyons and grasslands shape who we are. A PhD in Ecosystem Sciences, Leavenworth native Harrod is an experienced outdoorsman, ecologist, and film producer who has worked in public land management for 28 years.

Fail Forward Fast by: Erin Joy Nash

Push yourself through nature to gain confidence in all aspects of life. Bike, ski, climb and run; follow four Wenatchee women on a journey of discovery. | Leavenworth native Erin is an outdoor enthusiast, avid backpacker, travel junkie, and a hopeless dog-lover. She works with Voortex Productions to create films in the Wenatchee Valley.

 The Quest for Flight by: Aaron Napolean

Soar the skies with nothing but a thin cloth over your head. The things dreams are made of… Threats to the pilot, Vol Biv adventures and favorite flying sites. Hailing from our own Eagle Creek canyon, Aaron captures his biking, boating and flying adventures on camera.

Enock by: Craig Muderlak

Harness the power of community to make dreams come true. For paraplegic climber, Enock Glidden, the strength to do 3,000 pull-ups was not enough to climb El Capitan; he needed the power of the greater climbing community. Recent Leavenworth immigrant, Craig Muderlak, is an artist and mountain-guide whose award wining films, abstract illustrations, and original music highlight the human spirit in connection to the outdoors.

The Passage by: Nate Dappen

Paddle 1,100 miles in homemade canoes to learn the story of your father. Along with his brother and nephews, Wenatchee’s Andy Dappen paddles the final leg of the Inside Passage to complete an adventure 40 years in the making. Nate specializes in telling stories about science, nature, conservation and adventure. His work has been featured by National Geographic, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The World Wildlife Fund and many others.

The Patroller by: Galin Foley & Mike Horn

Share the passion of a Stevenspass ski patroller. Index local Angela Seidling shares her passion for teamwork, community, and family of a mountain many of us call home –Stevenspass. Focusing on genuine people who make the ski industry tick, Horn tells the story, Foley shoots and directs it.

JJ Mission by: Shane Wilder

Come along for a ski with the man who has 3 first names: Jim Norman Jack. A throwback with our favorite ski guide JJ at his home mountain Mission Ridge. | Shane is Leavenworth’s own Icicle TV producer. He’s what we call a “silent ninja” in the sense that whether it be skiing, climbing, surfing, and/or filmmaking he unassumingly crushes it!

Dreamride III by: Mike Hopkins & Lacy Kemp

Come on old friend we’ve one more story before turning in… Cascadian native Mike Hopkins produces and rides the imaginative writings of Bellingham resident Lacy Kemp in this third chapter of a ride that never ends.

Saturday Night

Good Morning by: Ivresse Films

Follow along a routine morning “jog” to pick up a breakfast bagel. Richard Permin creates an interesting way to get his morning started. Ivresee co-founder’s, Maxime Moulin and Antoine Frioux, team up to create cinematic skiing pieces. Together they’ve produced films for Decathlon, The North Face, and Redbull Media House.

Gravitas by: Sebastian Linda

Defy gravity; it only exists in our minds. One of the strongest calisthenics men in the world. | Musician, artist and filmmaker Sebastian Linda has produced many films with nominations at over 75 film festivals.

Frozen Mind – Over the Ice by: Maxime Moulin & Antoine Frioux

Slide hostile glacial ice and jump over high spines of the Swiss Alps. Victor De Le Rue and Pierre Houtico absolutely shredding.

Beautiful Idiot by: Harrison Mendel & Robb Thompson

Take a wild ride through the mindset of those who feel driven to pursue greatness. In his mind, Brett Rheeder grapples with past competitive failures while trying to take his sport to the next level | Harrison’s abilities with his camera are only equally matched by his skill on a bike. Robb embraces nature through his photography, snowboarding and double rainbows. Together they strive to push the limits of motion design.

Somersault Pike by: Kate Lefoe

Face your fears while taking on new heights. A young diver with fear of failure steps up the ladder to send it anyway. | Kate Lefoe is an award winning writer, director and editor. This film has won several awards including: editing, sound design and direction at several international film festivals.

Akuna by: Michael Parenteau

Heal emotional and physical trauma through hiking. Akuna, who seems to have “no worries”, suffers PTSD from the Iraq war. He’s found solace in hiking and has completed the PCT and Appalachian trails. Continental Divide is his next quest. Michael is a director, producer, director of photography, and editor of a Universal Pictures documentary. Best Producer, Audience Award Best Documentary, and Best Cinematography are just some of the awards that line his shelves.

Grizzly Country by: Ben Moon

Live consciously everyday; arm yourself with friendship and love the earth. The story of Doug Peacock’s fight to save grizzlies. His personality and actions inspired Edward Abby’s eco-warrior character in “The Monkey Wrench Gang”. Hayduck Lives! Patagonia catalogues have published Ben’s work for the past 16 years. His focus is to capture the authenticity of individuals.

Tough by: Jeff Ostenson & Nathan Getzin

Discover what it means to be tough; it’s better than strong. Dr. Roger Volkmann recovers from a massive stroke by setting a lofty goal of climbing Devil’s Tower. Wenatchee natives Jeff and Nathan produce stories along with their team at North 40 where they distill complex ideas into concepts for the screen, capture beautiful visuals and sounds, cut, color grade, animate, design and mix. All because it’s what they love to do.

Eighth Wonder by: Ryan Peterson

Quit your science career and become a commercial fisherman. An unlikely mentorship within a gang of young party dudes in the world’s rowdiest salmon fisheries. Ryan is a filmmaker, writer, wilderness guide, and commercial salmon fisherman. His media work focuses on character-based stories of watershed and energy issues around the North Pacific Rim.

Perspective by: Scott Secco

Pedal toward the realization that perspective is everything. Micayla Gatto opens her view on a new perspective in an unfamiliar environment amplified with every pedal-stroke. As a director, cinematographer, and editor, Scott’s work has millions of online views, been featured in numerous Vimeo Staff Picks, Redbull TV and has showcased on the Banff Festival world tour.

The Ski Photographer by: Frank Pickell

Explore the unique perspective of a colorblind photographer. Ski photographer Oscar Enander rarely shoots outside of winter. His attention to the light and shadows of winterscapes is the effect of color blindness. Frank, an accomplished skier, kayaker and climber, loves shooting in challenging locations from the Tibetan Himalayas to the Peruvian Andes. His film credits include the Discovery Channel’s World’s Deadliest Catch, Between Earth and Sky, and Mountain Town.

Perpetual Motion by: Krystle Wright

Keep in constant motion; the process of photography never rests. The subjects are not the only athletes in these films; the process of photography is a wild ride that keeps the photog in constant motion. Krystle is known for pushing herself to extremes to get that elusive shot. It’s about capturing a fleeting moment to share a treasured insight.

Sand in the Sky by: Dana Saint

Remember a fading dream of a lived experience when only 8 months old. A story as told by a 1-year-old boy from his first vacation to Hawaii when he was only 8 months of age. For the past 12 years Dana has been producing films for Gnarly Bay –the production company she co-founded.