Weight of Winter

Crushing everything under wind and snow; this is the weight of winter. by: Ben Sturgulewski

A massive snowstorm consumes Hokkaido, crushing everything under wind and snow with unrelenting force. Three wanderers push forward through the blindness of this elemental world with all the weight of winter pressing down upon them.

Sounds of Paragliding

Listen to nature’s harmony through the rhythms and melody of aerobatic paragliding. by: Shams

Hold tight as Théo de Blic performs aerobatic maneuvers thousands of feet in the air. Filmmaker Shams is a passionate climber, hiker, mountaineer and paragliding pilot. This background gives him an insightful eye on the action he captures with his camera.

Bird’s Song

Into the vortex: a story about community, fragility of life and the beauty of our friends. by: Michael Shaffer and Alexander Bosco

Leavenworth’s Michael “Bird” Shaffer makes it home again, past the gateway of milepost 17 where his family of like-minded settlers gave him the gift of community. Many friends aren’t coming home though. Why is it some go while others stay on? Maybe because what they have given, our lost friends allow us to be more… love more. Michael Shaffer is an endangered species of migrating bird that hatched in the North Cascade’s Methow Valley. His love for the mountains and friends is only matched by his unique persona and imagination. He dedicates this film to our recently lost friends: Clay Peterson and Tom Zbyszewski.

Enchanting Triple

Follow two Leavenworth locals on their version of a backyard stroll. by: Shane Wilder, Icicle TV Productions

Jens Holsten and Blake Herrington spent a decade dedicated to establishing free climbing routes in the Stuart Range. Watch as these two turn this multi- year project into a “day trip” where they attempt to climb three of these routes in a single linkup. Shot live on the day of these ascents, this film is a beautiful and raw look into two regular guys and the backyard peaks that define their passion. Filmmaker Shane Wilder brings focus to our connection with nature through adventure. His films feature the best aesthetic outdoor pursuits across the Wenatchee Valley and throughout the Cascade Mountains.


Build the perfect ride. by: Scott Secco, Pinkbike

This film sculpts the story of trail building with the world’s best riders and most creative builders. From the first pedal strokes of youth, to the moves of the top pros, watch how mountain biking is shaped by shovels and chainsaws in an endless pursuit of the perfect ride. Scott Secco is an action sports filmmaker from Victoria, B.C.


Touch the fire and be the color of your nature. This is your track. by: Ben Sturgulewski, Sturgefilms

If you are true to yourself, your track in life will be a happy one. At least that’s how the man in white, Henry (aka Snowflake), feels. Henry goes wild when the conditions are right and admits that sometimes you have to touch the fire. He is truly the color of his nature. Filmmaker Ben ‘Sturge’ Sturgulewski grew up on a rugged and remote island in Alaska’s Aleutian Chain, which inspired a life dedicated to the exploration of the world’s wild side, and the people who call it home.

Gnarly in Pink

Shred through gender stereotypes—all while dressed in tutus. by: Kristelle Laroche & Ben Mullinkosson

In a sport where girls are traditionally underrepresented, the Pink Helmet Posse proves that despite their nail polish and pink helmets, there’s no limit to what they can do. Ben and Kristelle are both prominent filmmakers from the LA area.


Dive into zero gravity through air and water. by: Alex Aimard, Satori Factory

When world champion skydiver Martin Kristensen falls fast enough, the increased air pressure turns falling into flying. Freediving offers him the same experience where the moment he reaches neutral buoyancy it’s like entering into zero gravity –and then the freefall begins.

Golden Gate

Grasp the magnetic pull of El Capitan. by: Jon Glassberg, Louder Than Eleven

Emily Harrington has been trad climbing for only three years, but that didn’t sway her from attempting El Capitan’s ‘Golden Gate’ (5.13 VI). 6 days and 40 pitches later, she stood on the summit with broken skin, aching muscles and a smile that stretched across Yosemite Valley. Louder Than Eleven Productions specializes in climbing media and focuses on telling genuine and documentary style narratives that speak to the core as well as the general public.

The Search

Immerse yourself in the story of all of us. by: Russ Rickets and Leah Hemberry, Colchuck Media

Swim into the depths of our rivers and learn about the world underneath where the true story reveals itself and water is the sum of everything it touches. Those willing to lose themselves in the swirling currents will discover their own meaning in the search. Leavenworth natives Russ and Leah are well known for swimming all the rivers of our area. Together they’re passionate about exploring the natural world and sharing their experiences through unique films and stories.

Spine of the South

Travel the length of the Andean Spine of South America. by: Eric Hanson

In 2015, photographer Eric Hanson traveled the length of the Andes, from Ecuador to Patagonia. This time-lapse film brings focus to the stunning natural beauty of the Andean spine of South America.


Experience the acceleration of slow motion. by: Josh Izenberg

There is no clinical diagnosis for his symptoms… Working himself into a grave, Dr. John Kitchin was the typical nine-to-fiver until he learned to experience himself like the tip of a great iceberg-of-conscientiousness –a realization that came from 15 years of riding the angular acceleration of skating.

The Middle Path Project

Be conscience of your impact: what goes up, might not come down. by: Ian Wood and Sean Fithian, Captain Ron Productions

Last year Sean teamed up with Ian Wood to make this snowboard film that aims to be more than just another shred flick. By recording all the fuel they consumed while riding and filming they calculate their environmental impact with the rational expectation that they’d never completely change their actions but show that, by being conscience of each individual impact, we can make moderate adjustments that will help lessen the adverse effects across the whole.


Ride through vibrant moonscapes and glowing forests. by: Mike Brown, Sweetgrass Productions

A mind-bending night ride that takes the viewer into a world of light and color. This piece was shot during the midnight hours over three intense weeks. With a determined crew, thousands of pounds of camera and lighting gear was slogged, rigged, soldered, and hung to bring light into the dark of night. Sweetgrass Productions seek to capture the indescribable, the surreal, and the moments in between that send the electricity right up our spines and into our smiles; through the strange alchemy of story, and stoke, they aim to inspire people to explore the mystery of their own canvas.